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Introducing Consortiumblog

December 14, 2006

We at are excited to announce the launch of our new blog, Consortiumblog, available at

The creation of the blog is a component of our general overhaul of, and is meant to provide our readers with a dynamic online community in which you can discuss our articles, post additional information, and read what others think about the issues being covered at The blog will not be replacing – which will remain an outlet for original investigative reporting and independent journalism – but rather is meant to complement the journalistic articles we produce for the news site.

Beyond providing a space for discussion of our articles, we intend to use the blog for shorter posts and to alert readers to relevant and important news that we might not be able to fully cover at the news site. In addition, those who register to use the blog will also be able to post their own comments and thoughts.

In order to register, you will first have to set up a Google account. (You can use your regular e-mail address to set up this Google account.)

We only ask that users try to maintain a high degree of accuracy and basic journalistic standards, and follow our ten simple posting guidelines, listed below.

Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you at

  1. Posts should be substantive.
  2. When possible, all assertions should be backed up with facts and preferably links to reputable supportive materials.
  3. Posts that engage in wild speculation without any proof are strongly discouraged, and may be removed without notice.
  4. Posts that contain hateful, racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic or otherwise defamatory writing are prohibited and will be removed.
  5. Posts that are deliberately disruptive and/or designed to inflame are prohibited.
  6. Copying and pasting complete copyrighted articles without permission from the copyright holder is prohibited by this site's policies as well as copyright laws.
  7. Limited copying within the bounds of the doctrine of "fair use" is permitted. For more information on fair use, please visit this site.
  8. When you quote material that is not your own, please provide a link whenever possible.
  9. Avoid ad hominem attacks and stick with substantive, constructive criticism only.
  10. This site’s management reserves the right to remove any posts that violate these guidelines and permanently ban any registered user who commits gross violations.


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