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Reader Commentaries

April 10, 2007

Editor’s Note: Readers comment on the lies of the Bush administration, the war on Gore and the politicizing of federal prosecutions:

On May 1, 2003, in a spectacle televised worldwide, President George W Bush portrayed himself as a brave fighter pilot when he strutted across the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln to announce mission accomplished and an end to major combat operations in Iraq.
Bush put on a flight suit, strapped himself into a jet, flew off for a 30-mile jaunt before making a dramatic landing on the aircraft carrier and a speech under a banner with the words mission accomplished superimposed across stars and stripes, which he claimed was made by the sailors on the ship which was a lie too!

Everything about that theatrical event was a lie. Bush was never a brave fighter pilot; he was an AWOL draft dodger during his term in the military. The mission in Iraq was nowhere near accomplished, and the sailors revealed that the banner was made in the White House.


The truth is the mission in Iraq, whatever that mission might be, is an utter failure. Its now four years since Bush televised his tax dollar funded infomercial to the world claiming a victory in Iraq, and more daily attacks on Americans occur today than in 2003.

In the year 2000, in attempt to convince Americans to vote for Bush as the next president, the Republican Party Platform specifically stated: "Sending our military on vague, aimless, and endless missions rapidly saps morale."
"Even the highest morale," the Republicans stated, "is eventually undermined by back-to-back deployments, poor pay, shortages of spare parts and equipment, inadequate training, and rapidly declining readiness."

In regard to dealing with WMDs, in 2000, the Republicans said:
"A comprehensive strategy for combating the new dangers posed by weapons of mass destruction must include a variety of other measures to contain and prevent the spread of such weapons."

And they went on to say: "We need the cooperation of friends and allies," and the intelligence community should not "be made the scapegoat for political misjudgments."

The Halls of Congress now sound like an echo chamber with Democrats using the exact same phrases to describe the disaster in Iraq and the conduct of the Bush administration.

The claims of WMDs, mushroom clouds, linking Saddam to 9/11, and an alliance between Saddam and bin Laden, turned out to be lies, which were known to be false at the time they were uttered, but the Administration lies some more and blames the CIA for providing faulty intelligence. Bush & Cheney's blame game......

The few allies that were conned into going to war with us are leaving Iraq. Saddam was put to death, but the Iraqis are worse off today then they were when he was in power. As the President asks for another $100 billion, our troops are getting sucked even deeper into a bloody quagmire, without even a hint of an exit strategy in sight.

The blame for the failures rests squarely on the White House doorstep. Bush insists that the problems will resolve if we "stay the course," in Iraq.

But the question remains, how much longer should Americans agree to stay on a course that has already resulted in deaths and injuries to thousands of Americans and Iraqis with no benefits to anyone except the war profiteerers who are making billions as tax dollars roll off the backs of our dead soldiers?

Iraq has become the central breeding ground for terrorists who hate Bush & Cheney because they waged a war in Iraq based on lies, not to help the Iraqis but to gain more control over the world’s oil supply, and they are killing our soldiers to show the world that they will never allow Bush to gain a stronghold in the Middle East by taking control of Iraq‘s oil.

It should be obvious to all Americans by now that these people are not going to give up. They will continue to fight, they are not afraid of dying, and if more recruits are needed, many more will gladly travel to the Middle East and sacrifice their lives in Iraq to defeat Bush & Cheney.

As Americans, the question we need to ask ourselves, is how long are we going to force our troops to pay for Bush‘s reckless conduct that put them in these killing fields to begin with?

How long are we going force these young men and women to fight an unwinnable war that Bush should never have started?

How long should families have to go to bed at night worrying about a loved one who may never come home or watch as they come home in body bags?

Why should one more drop of American blood be shed in Iraq? For what? Victory?

Victory in Iraq has never been defined. Its to the point that Bush cannot even explain what he hopes to achieve by staying in this war for another day or for 10 years. We believe its the oil that Bush & Cheney promised Exxon, Mobil, BP Amoco, Chevron, Shell Oil Companies so that they could dominate the world and dictate how high the price of crude would go since Iraq has the most reserves then any other country!

However, what is clear, is that Bush plans to leave our troops dying in a war without end indefinitely, and therefore, its up to American citizens to rescue these young men and women in the only way possible, by insisting that Congress cut off funding for Iraq to force Bush to get them out of that hellhole.

And this year, May 1, should be designated as a day to not only honor the fallen soldiers, but also the widows, orphans and grieving family members in America and Iraq, who are paying the consequences for the reckless conduct of these terrorists Bush & Cheney.

Evelyn Pringle


 Hello: Tonight [April 6] on Hardball, Bob Baer, "stuck a pin in the party hog", so to speak, and added more to the Zarqawi saga. According to Bob, who was still operating in the region as a CIA operative, said, the CIA was well aware of his presense in Northern Iraq, which was in the U.S. "No Fly Zone", and could have taken him out at anytime. Orders to G. Tenet, from the WH, was, to lay off. According to Bob, they were well aware of his use after we went into Iraq.  Bob`s final summation was to say, "they lied us into this war". Chris Matthew,, said to Bob Baer, it is like we are in a box canyon in Iraq, with no way out. Bob Baer, said, there is no way out now. My guess is the don`t want out for as long as it takes for us to get the oil and of coarse the profits. GW`s projected validity, he said, would take 30 to 40 years. That sounds right on point, from my last sentence.

After all of this kind of information, including books upon books, from those in the know, the final chapter is, we are there. That was their goal and they achieved it. Now the world is on this "teeter totter", of the threat of a larger war in the region. One of the reasons we are there is obviously, the oil and that even makes their claim that it was to start a democracy in the region, a lie also. Is there any accountability, for where the Iraqi oil is flowing and are the Iraqi people getting the full benefit. We will be left trillions of dollars short in our treasury, a worn out and depleted military, and our economy and very existence flapping in the breeze.

None of this fanfare being presented by the dems in the upcoming investigations will not have any value short of impeachment for our two delusional leaders. Will it be success or oblivion, they hold all the cards.



Couldn't help making some parallels, (having just returned from Good Friday
vigil) between Christ, in his refusal to answer to liars (Pilate, the High
Priest, etc.) and preferring to die for his refusal.

It's not the correct reading of the sacrifice, of course. Still, perhaps the
ideal of not going along with liars is one that might be more vigorously
promoted, both in my country and in yours. We are a small pot in Canada, but
as black as any kettle in the embracing-the-lie department.

Have just finished Secrecy & Privilege and have embarked on Kevin Philip's
American Theocracy. These should be required reading for all Canadians.

J. Lindsay Kellock
Ottawa, Canada


Robert Parry's March 22 report was excellent and, sadly, painfully true. I
am yet to read a column that speculates as to WHY Gore has been so singled
out for this criminal abuse. What has he done that warrants such contempt?
Has the media "learned it's lesson"? Don't hold your breath.

More than anything else it is the "War on Gore" that has kept the man from
again seeking the presidency. His emergence as a "global rock star" could
probably offset most of that garbage in this election cycle but one can
understand why he wouldn't want to subject himself to it. And what a shame
it would be. The current crop of presidential hopefuls is, in a word,
pathetic. Coming on the heels of the worst presidency in modern history,
America needs far more than what these White House seekers have to offer.
The times cry out for someone like Gore. We've got 6-8 months to persuade
Mr.Gore to get his fat butt going.

America and the world community have suffered greatly at the hands of this
horrid excuse for a president. What price have Maureen Dowd, Chris Matthews
and the other creeps paid for their role in bringing to us this awful
nightmare? Those folks as well as all the people who cast votes for the
incompetent fool owe the rest of us an apology. I won't hold my breath.

Stephen Douglas
Charlotte, NC


Again thanks for info provided nowhere else, this time on Griffin and his puffings.  I have a couple of questions based on the end of the article, and one that's outside the scope of the article, but one I think is critical to the US Attys case.

1)  When Griffin says that he is not going to let his "name go forward to the Senate", does that mean that he will simply drop out of the job at the point the Senate starts its confirmation process?  Surely it doesn't mean that he will balk yet try to stay in the job?  Gee, that's telltale.  Rather like Goodling refusing to answer questions from Congress.

2)  I understand that Lam was about to conduct further investigations based upon the Cunningham malfeasances.  (Rep. Jerry Lewis a target?)  Were those investigations simply aborted at her firing, or is her successor carrying them onward?  That, too, would be telltale, but I haven't heard the question even asked yet.  Big vacuum of info there.

Bob Locke

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