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Thank You, John Nirenberg

By Emily West
December 3, 2007

Editor’s Note: Despite Official Washington's dismissive attitude toward the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, rank-and-file Americans continue to press for action that would hold the President and Vice President accountable under the Constitution.

In this guest essay, writer and activist Emily West praises John Nirenberg for beginning a personal walk for impeachment:

John Nirenberg began his walk for impeachment on Saturday from Faneuil Hall - a walk stretching from Boston, Massachusetts, to Washington, D.C.

John is taking this walk to give Americans an opportunity to sign his petition written to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach the neocon criminals in our White House and to draw attention to this important action by The People.

He will also take your personal letters, urging that impeachment begin, to Pelosi who is currently standing in the way of our American Democracy.

Nirenberg's march is south along Rte 1. Please feel free to join him and bring along your camera (to place your video on YouTube.) You can find where he is each day by checking John's blog. His goal is to walk up to 15 miles each day.

By the way, Cindy Sheehan now has a stack of letters 10 feet high from our earlier 10k Letters to Pelosi "rumor"!

Word went out that Pelosi would move impeachment forward post haste if she received 10,000 handwritten letters to impeach. It appears that the number is getting closer to 100,000, however, from letters sent to Cindy as well as those sent directly to Pelosi's San Francisco office.

Keep writing - she hasn't heard us yet - and feel free, California, to let her know her job is in jeopardy.

We The People do not support mass murder for a resource war (yet again) while allowing our democracy to be stripped of its freedoms and liberties in the name of fighting "terrorism."

As Howard Zinn says, "war is terrorism." And an illegal war on false claims (intentional lies) doesn't get any more terrifying.

We have a system that can work against external and internal attacks to this country -- if we use it.

The neocon coup of our government (via the stolen presidential elections of 2000 and 2004) and the events of Sept 11, 2001, created a shock wave which ripped across the country and the world in order to strategically place these neocon (neonazi) clamps on our legal system and to put their neoliberal corporate policies into our systems and our laws, across the board.

So the neocons in our government are in actuality the real terrorists, using fear and the American peoples' prejudices against themselves, strategically, to replace the democratic process with systems like those imposed by the Nazi party in Hitler's Germany. The Nazis were also funded by corporations, i.e. the moneyed elite.

Europe watches America with a clearer view of what is occurring and with horror. They are sensitive to these mass-manipulations (especially Germany of course) because they have seen this before in very recent history.

The corporations have identified the parts of our American population who are the most easily manipulated - those who were raised on fear and taught to hate. These are also often the people who join the military and are exploited with their lives or limbs, or the health of their minds. Many come back emotionally destroyed.

The government reports that about 2,500 youth have returned to commit suicide from their tours in Iraq to date, but a CBS study recently showed the number is actually closer to 15,000. What does this tell us?

The "draft" is a socio-economic draft - young people who were suppressed in some way and see the military as a way out as well as a way to empower themselves. Our tax dollars could do much more to educate and empower our youth!

These are the majority of the enlisted, including the private armies the neocons are funding with our tax dollars, as with Blackwater.

The media appeal to those of this mentality who cannot join but vote for the candidates who inspire fear and hatred instead. Their small-minded perceptions and predjudices are fueled through the twisted stories the corporate media report and the many stories they do not report.

Our media could expose the high level of corruption in American government - they choose not to as they are in bed with the moneyed elite who are pulling the strings on our governments today.

We The People can reach out to the misguided who vote against themselves and send their children to kill innocents and be killed, or return home damaged and suicidal, by sharing our views with patience. It's up to us to lead them to real information.

Remember that everything Hitler did in gaining power was legal - the people allowed him to replace their humane system of government by playing on their fear and ignorance as well as their hatred and bigotry! To base a social system on fear, hatred, bigotry and ignorance is to destroy a system entirely!

It's no wonder that corporate America does not care that they are taking jobs from Americans and hiring other countries and private companies to do what we used to do ourselves. The moneyed elite have no countries - only bank accounts.

To be silent is to allow our country to be lost to these madmen.

Our Congress has been insulated by 35,000 lobbyists and corporate moneys to fund their campaigns. Our system has turned itself inside out.

The Democrats in office now believe that impeachment is not politically correct. Talk to them! 202-224-3121. Ask for your rep or senator at this D.C. number and tell them what you think!

Include the obvious message that they can be replaced! It is not a question of politics or "other priorities" - it is a quesiton of corruption and despotism (so far they have not done anything they said they would do even when given the opportunity anyway!)

Ending this unprecedented climate of corruption is the issue. And Impeachment is the tool - our one and only tool - which we are required (by the U.S. Constitution) to use to remove criminals from powerful positions.

Pelosi is clearly not a historian, an attorney, or a Constitutional scholar - as all our best leaders have been. Impeachment is our only tool to remove tyrants, murderers, liars and crooks, and it's our job to let her know.

Our great nation was begun by those escaping the money lords and the tyranny of a very greedy and inhumane monarch, King George. The spirit of our early America colonists still resides in New England, a revolution of the fierce yet gentle people of this land to protect what they cherish most - liberty and justice, for all.

Our Founding Fathers ask us to persevere in the face of injustice; the tool they have given us (mentioned no less than 6 times in the Constitution) is Impeachment.

They fought for OUR futures and for the American Dream. We owe them at least this, to stand up to this tyranny - to defend our Rights and the future of our country.

So, thank you, John Nirenberg, for bringing this urgent impeachment resolution forward, with a "call" to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at this time telling her to step aside and allow John Conyers and the House Judiciary Committee to begin the process of impeachment.

Emily West is a contributor to the pro-impeachment Web site,

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