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Hillary's 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy'

By Brent Budowsky
May 3, 2008

Editor’s Note: As the "War on Obama" grinds on, politics truly has become a place for strange bedfellows, with Hillary Clinton striking a tactical alliance with the leaders of what she famously dubbed the "vast right-wing conspiracy."

In this guest essay, former Democratic congressional staffer Brent Budowsky marvels at this unlikely turn of events:

Even a creative Hollywood producer couldn't have conjured up a film in which Bill and Hillary Clinton would pursue the tactics of personal destruction against a Democrat in full-throated alliance with the vast right-wing conspiracy!

Wonder why Clinton confidant Terry McAuliffe sings the praises of Fox News with the hilarious compliment that they are the most fair of the cable networks?

Wonder why Hillary goes on Bill O'Reilly’s show confident O'Reilly will further the demonization attack against Barack Obama?

Three guesses why Hillary's great new friend and ally is none other than right-wing mogul Richard Mellon Scaife, a founding leader of the vast right-wing conspiracy against the Clintons in the 1990s?

Let’s have a round of applause, too, for Hillary's new get-out-the-vote-for-Hillary champion, Rush Limbaugh!

This gives new meaning to the "say anything and do anything" Clinton campaign, which has driven her untrustworthy numbers, for good reason, above 60 percent of the nation.

Will McAuliffe next say that Rush Limbaugh is the most fair journalist on talk radio?

Will Hillary next appear with Karl Rove and call him the voice of fairness and reason?

In the unlikely event that Hillary is nominated, you heard it here: The "vetted" Hillary will get attacked by her new allies about presidential pardons being handed out to unsavory characters pushed by millionaire campaign contributors, lobbied for by Hillary's brother at great profit.

Here today, gone tomorrow, when it suits their ends, the vast right-wing conspiracy will again resume their demonizing of the Clintons.

But don't worry, be happy.

The vast right-wing conspiracy is in full-throated alliance with the one nightmare they both share, a two-term presidency of Barack Obama.

Brent Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and to Bill Alexander, then the chief deputy whip of the House. A contributing editor to Fighting Dems News Service, he can be read on The Hill Pundits Blog and reached at

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