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McCain at AIPAC: Drumbeats of War?

June 4, 2008

When presumptive Republican nominee John McCain took the podium on June 2 on the first day of the national conference for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, his diction shadowed an all-too familiar rhetoric: "Tehran's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons poses an unacceptable risk, a danger we cannot allow." 

McCain went on to assert that Iran's "flouting of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty" could induce a Middle East nuclear arms race.

(Written story continues below)

The IAEA, on the other hand, acknowledges that Iran is acting strictly within the rights it has under the treaty, and calls upon Iran to provisionally suspend its enrichment program voluntarily, simply as a confidence building measure, says Real News Network Senior Analyst Aijaz Ahmad.

This distortion of fact sounds a lot like the kind of spurious charges that were made against Iraq in the run-up to that invasion.

Instead of meeting with Iranian leadership, which McCain refers to as a "spectacle" that would only strengthen hardliners, he is steadfast in his support of economic sanctions on Iran, and declaring the Revolutionary Guard, which is currently the bulk of the country's defense forces, a terrorist organization.

The Senator pointedly commented that this was a move supported by three quarters of the Senate, excluding potential Democratic running mate, Barack Obama. is an independent news network that produces stories of global interest. 

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