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Israeli-Palestine Hopes Dashed

August 1, 2008

The prospects for an Israeli-Palestine agreement are not only in grave danger but may be reaching a point of no return, according to foreign policy analyst Phyllis Bennis.

Commenting on a possible two-state solution, she said: "From what I saw in this trip to the West Bank, I would say that if it's not already impossible, it is so close as to be virtually the same.”

(Written story continues below)

Bennis noted that Palestinian land within the West Bank has been so carved up by roads connecting Israeli settlements that movement to and from Palestinian villages, towns and refugee camps has become a nightmare.

“The checkpoints—imagine 567 checkpoints, according to the United Nations, in this tiny territory the size of the US state of Delaware. It's insane," she said. is an independent news network that produces stories of global interest. 

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