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Obama/Cheney Oppose Accountability

May 24, 2009

President Barack Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney agree that it would be wrong to hold Bush administration officials accountable for torture and other crimes.

In a speech last week, Obama faulted those who wanted to inject accountability into the process with the comment, “there’s a tendency in Washington to spend our time pointing fingers at one another.”

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Immediately afterwards, Cheney said prosecuting people involved in harsh interrogations would be “treating political disagreements as a punishable offense and political opponents as criminals.”

However, David Swanson of says both men distorted the positions of critics who are concerned about the future -- in that they understand the need for accountability as a means of preventing future abuses -- and are not concerned about policy differences but about crimes.

"Torture was always illegal," Swanson said. is an independent news network that produces stories of global interest. 

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