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Angry at Afghan War? Build Something

By Robert Parry
December 1, 2009

It has been a core principle of since our founding in 1995 that a determined fight must be waged for the truth; that passivity in the face of disinformation and propaganda is not only unacceptable for a democracy but is a hazard to the world, especially given the enormous power of the U.S. government.

As we enter our 15th year, the importance of that principle has been vindicated many times, as U.S. political/media leaders have behaved recklessly again and again – relying on false history and pleasant tales to manipulate the American people.

The long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – occurring amid vast economic pain – are only two of the most egregious examples.

We also feel that it is not enough to curse this darkness or veer off into unrealistic thinking. What needs to be done is to build institutions that will fight for the truth, that will put the tough problems facing the U.S. and the world in an honest context.

By doing so, a better informed populace cannot only hold politicians accountable but perhaps can make it easier for leaders who want to do the right thing to follow their better instincts.

That is why we are appealing to our readers to help us sustain and improve this extraordinary media experiment, which in 1995 was the first online magazine that sought to merge old-fashioned investigative journalism with the modern technology of the Internet. [If you agree and want to help, click here.]

In our hopes of raising $100,000 by year’s end, we are looking for a combination of large and small donors. We need 10 “sustainers” who will contribute $5,000 to $10,000 or more. If these large donors can get us to around $75,000, we believe our smaller donors can do the rest.

So, if you can help, please make a tax-deductible donation either by credit card by clicking here – or by sending a check or money order to: Consortium for Independent Journalism (CIJ); 2200 Wilson Blvd.; Suite 102-231; Arlington VA 22201. (You can find a mail-in donation form by clicking here.)

(For readers using PayPal, you can address your contribution to our account, named after our e-mail address, “[email protected]”).

We also will count toward the $100,000 goal all discount sales of the three-book set (Lost History, Secrecy & Privilege, and Neck Deep). For details on this offer, click here. (This is a great way for small donors to help out – and get a fantastic deal on these three important books.)

And, we will count any commitments for “Bob and Ray” talks by investigative reporter Robert Parry and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. The price for these talks can range from $2,000 for community groups to $10,000 for business groups. For details on scheduling a talk, click here.

Thanks so much.
Robert Parry, Editor

Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s for the Associated Press and Newsweek. He founded in 1995 as the Internet's first investigative magazine. He saw it as a way to combine modern technology and old-fashioned journalism to counter the increasing triviality of the mainstream U.S. news media.

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