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Readers' Reactions

October 8, 2007

Editor’s Note: Readers had comments on Ray McGovern’s article about the attack against the USS Liberty and on other recent stories:

The best analysis I have ever read regarding the USS Liberty. Go to - a great website dedicated to our men who were killed that day. It makes me cry to even contemplate what our government and the Israelis did that day. It angers me that they covered it up. An independent investigation must be made and those responsible be prosecuted. An international court must handle the prosecution.

I believe that the U.S. Government hired the Israelis to kill our men- the plan was to then blame Egypt. The U.S. Government would then enter the war alongside Israel. President Johnson recalled the  U.S. jets that were sent to rescue the USS Liberty. They never reached the ship. Our men were left to die, they wanted the ship to sink and all of the men aboard to DIE!!!!

So much for the politicans verbal drible when it comes to praising our troops- they'll sacrifice any of us for their own political and monetary goals.

jim meier


A DVD called Terrorstorm documents this ‘false flag’ operation.  Israel has much to answer for in its mistreatment of the Palestinian people; however, responsibility for this attack resides in the White House in the person of LBJ.  Regime change did not begin with GWB. 

US policy to control the Middle East has always had at its heart the requirement of containing or neutralizing leaders who promote Arab Nationalism.  In 1967 the leader of Egypt was the target.  The US plan was to provoke an incident to justify US intervention.  The plan was to have Israel sink a US ship and blame it on Egypt.

In this DVD you hear the Israeli pilot confirm that the target is in fact a US vessel yet he is ordered to proceed against his better judgment.  You also hear an astonished naval commander being ordered to recall his carrier flight by LBJ saying that he wants that ship to be sunk.  The murderous attack is broken off and the ship is saved only when a Soviet vessel happens on the scene to witness the spectacle.  Only then is damage control and a nonsensical cover story offered up to a puzzled world.

Guy McCullough


While I do not contest what is said of the deliberate nature of the attack on the misnamed spy ship 'Liberty' and recognize that all soldiery is criminal, I suspect that use of the legal term 'war crime' is inaccurate. This was a spy ship engaged in feeding selected information from electronic spying on the various parties to various parties on behalf of the US military-industrial complex.

Spies are legally subject to attack (as opposed to morally), and this was a particularly egregious case; that the betrayal was so unexpected was presumably the reason that the IAF monitored the ship's activities for several hours before attacking.  It would be interesting to know if the Israelis (or Egyptians) had requested it be move away prior to the attack.

Presumably the US and Israelis have tried to silence any discussion of the event since it would be painfully embarrassing to all parties.  The US Navy does not generally care about loss of a few people -- and normally uses that for propaganda purposes.  If they got what they wanted to sell, what's a  few hundred nobodies?

None of this is to dispute the malicious role of the AIPAC in silencing virtually all criticism of government policy, including subjects routinely discussed in the Israeli mainstream press.  Peace will not be achieved until open discussion is allowed throughout the region -- a region in which all states are ethnic states, and in which the Bush/neocon clique's closest ally, Saudi Arabia does not even allow citizenship to non-Moslems and prohibits non-Moslems from even visiting friends in some areas.  Israel, Turkey, Lebanon and now Iraq are. with a few exceptions, residentially segregated.  First we need to respect and communicate all people and peoples.

Zev Aelony, Minneapolis


Your essay on authoritarianism is well overdue. All the pieces of the apparatus are in place to install a full blown police state whenever the Bush-Cheney clique decides. And clearly the spineless democrats will submit willingly, since they are totally intimidated, afraid at every twist and turn of being called anti-patriotic.

We are heading toward Orwell's 1984, step by step. And the mainstream media is now nothing more than mouth piece for the regime. There is no point in expecting the media to stand up and do their job, since they have redefined their job as spokespeople for "America," as if America were a religion. They have been indoctrinated so completely that they do not even realize they are nothing more than lackeys for the military-industrial-oil complex.

The famous poem by Martin Niemoller that spells out the creeping dangers of fascism needs to be spread far and wide if we are going to have any chance of stopping the descent into a full blown police state:

They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews,  and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.  Then they came for the trade unionists,  and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.  Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.  Then they came for me,  and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Charlie Kaften


I just read your article 'A Coup Has Occurred'.

None of the article shocked or upset me as I already know what's in store for the country unless something drastic happens.  This country's only hope is Ron Paul and I am NOT a Repub. in the least.  That is, he's our only hope if there's time left for him to become elected.

He's the only honest one out there who goes by the Constitution or whats left of it. 
J. Betsill


When are we going to realize that it is not the delusions of whacko conspiracy theorists, but a well-documented historical reality that the power elite are represented in the international banking cartel falsely labeled the Federal Reserve Board together with the Council on Foreign Relations? A look at the membership of both will reveal the commonality of their agenda.

A little further research will reveal the nature of that agenda. Bush/Cheney merely represent a political coup d'etat in the service of that agenda. Note that the Council on Foreign Relations is a BIPARTISAN organization. The obvious implication is that neither party is going to do much to impede that agenda. We need to get rid of the Republican/Democratic duopoly and sever the cable with which the power elite dictate our politics, namely the Federal Reserve Board.

The constitution gives our government the right to print its own money free of interest. We signed over that right under President Wilson in 1913, much to the regret of Wilson when he realized the full implications of what he had signed. Those who control the money of a country also control its political agenda.

As a nation we have been accelerating rapidly toward the completeness of that control under Bush after the coup of 2000 instituted by the Supreme Court as so rightly pointed out by another in an earlier comment.  Our frustration as a society is doomed to last until we collectively awaken to this dismal reality.

Frustrated by our collective ignorance,



Maybe I am becoming paranoid, but I think something is really missing in this story.  Is this an instance of the police taking law enforcement to the next level of a police state.?  Here is a relatively young, attractive (white) woman with good connections taken into police custody for no given reason and then mysteriously dies in their care.  She did get taken down and kneed, so my husband thinks that maybe her spleen was ruptured.  But what bothers me the most is why was she apprehended??????????

Usually in other airport incidents, these faux pas are usually covered with "well other passengers were made uncomfortable with his (the arabs) T-shirt, praying," etc.  Here there is no explanation except the (intentional) impression that the woman was behaving oddly (no one knows why she was in Arizona...).  "I am not a terrorist," she was heard to say.  And then something about needing medical care.  Context is completely absent.

Am I crazy?  This incident seems akin to the student tasering at Kerry's speech in Florida.  Why is this not bigger news?  Why is there no hew and cry in the press?  I find that troubling.

Ly Kesse


The Two Cents campaign from America for Gore

America for Gore is dedicated to making Al Gore the Democratic candidate for President in 2008. At present, we are working to get Gore’s name onto as many ballots as possible, and to continue to show as much support as possible for the idea of his candidacy. It is now time for people to act to demonstrate that support, so that Gore understands how much America wants him as president.

To convince Gore to step into the race, we are asking all Gore supporters to mail him two pennies, together with a note indicating real support will be provided if he accepts the challenge and runs for president. The constant arrival of pennies will be a reminder to Mr. Gore that America needs and wants him to run.

The pennies should be sent, preferably in an envelope made of recycled paper, to Office of the Honorable Al Gore, 2100 West End Avenue, Suite 620, Nashville, TN  37203.

America for Gore will continue to assist all groups and individuals working to make the Gore 2008 candidacy a success though our website Our goal is to help coordinate all the efforts to elect Al Gore with an initial goal of getting him into the race and a further goal of seeing him take office as president in 2009.

Eric Schiller,


Hello: As a person who voted in 2006 to stop the war, I am disappointed with the democratic candidates. It has been slow in coming, but after the debates and the non-binding resolution voted on by so many democrats, I have joined the "Draft Gore" movement. He is well aware of the movement, and has yet to tell them to stop. If the movement gathers enough delegates, they could upset the convention in Denver. As long as he doesn`t declare, he can avoid the poison that will be thrown at him.

My cynical attitude towards the Bush administration and his advisors, has grown, but in a controlled way. I think, everything they have done has been controlled in a cold a calculating way. My guess is, they have been carrying out and implementing the same plan from the beginning. All this talk about them being delusional, does not carry water with me. As far as Bush goes with his "Gomer Pyle" persona, he is just as sinister as the rest of them. All the players are the same, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the U.S., in my view, are all equal partners, in this whole diabolical mess. Will history tag them all as madmen. If Iran is invaded, most do not have to look into their crystal ball to see what the outcome will be. If it is a miscalculation, it will be too late. They will carry the death and destruction with them for all time.


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